Uniflex have trained service engineers to support all new and existing hose crimping machines. Uniflex UK offers complete piece of mind with the most comprehensive and transparent service/calibration program on the market. Qualified service engineers who are supported by Uniflex UK’s service management team and a large stock of spares, all ensure your machines will keep working 365 days a year.
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Our hose crimping machines are the most reliable and accurate crimping tools on the market. Over 50 years of engineering experience have been put into the robust design giving the best return on investment for our customers. Tried, tested and trusted Uniflex Crimping Machines to include portable service crimpers, flexible workshop crimpers, 24 volt mobile crimper, lean production crimping machines, large true force crimping machines and complete specials tailor made to the customer’s requirements.
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Hose Cutting Tool


Uniflex hose cutting machines and hose swaging machines distinguish themselves in offering a high quality and safe hose cutting and hose swaging solution. High quality and sharp cutting blades, coupled with carefully selected powerful motors reduces vibration and gives consistent cutting results time and time again. CE-compliant brake motors and protection enclosures ensures the user can work safely, while giving the business owner piece of mind that they operate within EU regulations.
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Uniflex hose skiving machines accurately skive hydraulic hoses on the inside and/or the outside. From a simple robust hand skiving tool to a quality production unit that will skive both the inside and the outside of a hose simultaneously.

Uniflex marking tools represent an inexpensive and permanent hose marking solution for tractability and compliance to CE standards.
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Uniflex hose test rigs enable hose manufactures to carry out a visible hose assembly test, which can then be fully certified to give full traceability. Manufactured to the highest standards the easy to operate Uniflex hose assembly test rigs allow fast and comprehensive testing of single or multiple hose assemblies to the latest industry standards.

Uniflex flushing machines quickly removes hose contamination to ensure stringent industry hose cleanliness standards can be achieved.
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Uniflex offers a “one stop shop” for all hose production equipment. Other products include work tables, hose racking, hose swaging machine, hose dispensers/coiling equipment, hose measuring, cutting dust extraction, nipple inserters, pin pricking tools, quality control depth marking tools and hose/tube pellet cleaning machines. From concept to completion, and everything in between.
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Our sole mission is to make our customers happy by giving them total piece of mind when purchasing any of our hose production and equipment. We achieve this by listening and understanding our customers’ requirements, and then sharing our knowledge and experience to allow the client to make informed decisions when considering hose production equipment. In return for their confidence in Uniflex, we will ensure that every customer receives The Best Return on Investment. Once you have experienced Uniflex¬†hydraulic fittings and hydraulic hose crimpers you will see¬†the proven advantages of using our systems over our competition.

Uniflex UK will deliver fast, efficient and complete hose production solutions to meet every budget. We understand time is precious and ultimately time is money. We also understand hoses and hose crimping. We also understand hose production equipment and hose crimping.

Finally and most importantly we understand service, and the level of post sale support that is expected when purchasing capital equipment.