S3 Light – Available from Abdex

S3 Light The S3 Light is a single cylinder machine that has no obstructions on the back of the machine when crimping. The crimper boasts a 160-tonne crimp force, and is able to crimp upto 1.1/4” 4SP and 2” industrial hoses. The crimpers non-grease head facilitates accurate and true force during every crimp. Lighter, smaller and more powerful than the current model! Two year warranty available. For more information or quotation, please contact Abdex - More ..

Machine Servicing & Repairs

Machine Servicing & Repairs Our aim is to give you total peace of mind with transparent, pro-active and preventative maintenance, complete with fully auditable and up to date records showing the full history of every machine. What you will receive: - 1 or 2 Year Contracts. - One-off repairs available. - Completed service reports and service/calibration certificates will be provided. - 2 Year Contract. - Ongoing and updated records of all works carried out is stored online, More ..

Hose Cleaning / Flushing Rigs

This morning Abdex are preparing our flushing rig to clean a very large manufacturers hoses. The Abdex range of flushing rigs are designed and manufactured in the UK using only the best quality components. Abdex will provide both service and CAPEX equipment for all your hose flushing and testing requirements. Abdex have an experienced design team to meet all requirements from concept to completion. Maybe you have some hoses that we can flush for you? Or maybe you would like to discuss More ..